Islam in the Kingdom of England

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The daily ‘The Daily Telegraph suggests an increase in the strength of Islam on British culture. This is based on the study that explains the congregation that the number of mosques in England and Wales will exceed the number of Roman Catholic Christian churches throughout the next 10 years.
Prediction study shows that, Islam will exceed the church Catholic churches until the year 2020 coming.

Daily famous in Britain also said, predicted the study will be published next month that regard, when the orientation-orientation such as when it continues, the number of churches Catholic churches in a mass ceremony Sunday will be dropped to 679,000 people before the year 2020.

Experts predict the statistics, the number of mosques congregation will be increased when it was 683,000 people. Similarly, figures research Christian predicts, the number of people in the Islamic mosques on the same date will exceed the number of Anglican churches in the mass-mass Sunday.

The daily said, “Prediction study explains that, when the church is not weak at the setback in history then there will be people of Islam that is more viable from those in the mass-Christian Sunday mass held in all corners of English before mid this century. ”

Furthermore, the daily added, the numbers taken by government resources and academic mold and the end of the bulletin ‘orientation, religious orientation (OOK)’ study of Christian-owned institutions, issued in the middle of the increasing concern about the condition of Islam in the the English and sharp debates about the need to give recognition to apply Islamic.

The Daily Telegraph revealed close studies with the words Peter Brierly, a former government statistician and the end of the mold OOK, “Indeed, the growth of Islam that continues, official data since 2001 and will become an important guide for the community.”

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